About Me-Dian Credit Union


About Me-Dian Credit Union

Me-Dian Credit Union is a modern, full-service financial co-operative. As a co-operative, the people who use our services-our members are also owners and shareholders. Members have a say in how Me-Dian Credit Union operates. They also share in the profits of the credit union, usually in the form of lower rates on loans and higher rates on deposits than they could ordinarily get at other financial institutions. Me-Dian is responsive to the needs of members, no matter where they live or how they choose to access our services.

Me-Dian Credit Union members can use their Credit Union MEMBER CARD debit card to make deposits and withdraw cash at ANY credit union ATM in Manitoba (there are more than 200) or Canada (there are thousands more) without paying a convenience fee to the owner of the ATM. And, through Interac, Cirrus, Maestro and other networks, members can access their Me-Dian Credit Union funds from ATMs throughout the United States and around the world (most non-credit union ATMs will charge a fee).


Me-Dian was founded in 1978 as the Métis Credit Union of Manitoba as a "closed bond" credit union. Members of closed bond credit unions share a distinct association based on religion, profession, culture or some other criteria, and nearly every credit union in the province has been closed bond at one time or another.

The driving force behind the founding of the credit union was the Manitoba Métis Federation and its members, but the credit union later changed its name to the Me-Dian Credit Union of Manitoba when the board opened up the bond of association to include the entire Aboriginal population - First Nations and Inuit along with Métis.

In 2009, Me-Dian opened its doors even wider, welcoming those who are not of aborigional heritage as associate members of the credit union.

If you're interested in the history of the credit union system in Manitoba - and its roots that go back to the 1840's, click here.


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