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Board of Directors Nomination Package

Nominees for the position of Director must meet certain legal requirements which are specified in Me-Dian Credit Union’s Charter Bylaws and consistent with the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act. These requirements include that the Director has been a Member in good standing of Me-Dian Credit Union for at least two years prior to the Election of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

Candidates will be required to complete the Nomination Form and Nomination Resume along with providing biographical details to the Nominating Committee for insertion in a pamphlet which will be distributed as part of the Annual General Meeting. Candidates should include 2 to 3 paragraphs summarizing experiences and qualifications relative to the position and why they are allowing their name to stand in nomination. Candidates must be nominated by another member of Me-Dian Credit Union.

Kindly submit your nominee papers online or in person at one of our Branches:

Grand Rapids: The Band Office Complex, Hwy 6, Grand Rapids, Manitoba

Winnipeg: 303 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R2W 2L8

Role of the Board

  • To organize the Board of Directors through the election of officers, establishing committees, recruiting qualified candidates to fill board vacancies, evaluating Board performance, maintaining Board discipline, orienting new Board members, and setting training and development plans.
  • To ensure competent management through selecting the Chief Executive Officer, establishing objectives, evaluating performance, allowing scope for personal development, and establishing management compensation.
  • To oversee community relations.
  • To maintain strong governance through development and ongoing review of policies in compliance with bylaws and legislation.
  • To monitor the credit union operations for soundness and stability by analyzing the critical areas of equity, liquidity, profitability, growth, matching, risk exposure, and productivity.
  • To establish strategic direction of the credit union through forming the credit union’s vision, mission, core values, and business goals. Portions of the planning process are delegated to management, but the Board is responsible for final approval of the credit union’s strategic plan, annual budget, and operational plan.
  • To ensure effective communication between the credit union and Members, other stakeholders, and the community. The Board is responsible for reporting to the Members regarding the credit union’s direction and performance.

Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board have been established and their respective members are determined by the Board of Directors at the annual Organizational Meeting. Generally, committees consider various matters and make recommendations to the Board; although some decisions, within the parameters of the Board, have been delegated to committees. Other committees may be established from time to time to consider matters of particular importance.

Nomination Committee Role

The role of the Nominating Committee is to oversee the director election process. The nomination committee identifies the skills and experiences sought in director candidates. They recruit and recommend candidates to ensure the Board has a strategic and diverse mix of relevant skill, attributes, and business knowledge to meet the needs of Me-Dian Credit Union. The committee will provide Me-Dian Credit Union members with all the information about each of the candidates recommended for election prior to election day.

Director Standards of Conduct

A director must act in good faith and with a reasonable basis for believing that such conduct was in the lawful and legitimate furtherance of the credit union purposes, as defined by law and in the credit union Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and Policies. The director must exercise honest business judgment after due consideration of what the director reasonably believes to be the relevant factors.

The interests of the credit union are paramount. A director must not use the position to make personal profit, gain any advantage or confer a benefit, whether implicitly or explicitly, at the expense of the credit union.

The functions of the Board of Directors can only be performed by the Board as a whole and cannot be assumed by any one individual director. Authority can be specifically delegated by the Board to committees or by the assignment of duties to individuals. No individual member of the Board has power to direct or engage in any management function. Matters of concern to individual directors will be brought forward for consideration of the Board by the director for appropriate action.

Board members shall:

  • maintain a high level of dedication and effort
  • maintain a high level of personal integrity
  • preserve all confidential information acquired during tenure as director
  • avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts to the Board
  • withdraw from any discussions relating to a matter subject to a personal conflict of interest and abstain from voting or otherwise participating in any such matters
  • be honest in all communications and act fairly when handling matters of the credit union
  • act within the scope of authority and not misrepresent that authority
  • respect and support the majority decisions by the Board
  • represent the best interest of all Members served by the credit union

Meeting Attendance

Serving on the Board of Me-Dian Credit Union will require a commitment of personal time. Board meetings are held quarterly or monthly with additional meetings for sub-committees of the Board and planning / training purposes scheduled on an “as required basis”. In most cases the commitment consists of an average of 5 hours per month. Northern representation must have access to telephone or skype to attend quarterly or monthly meetings. Directors are expected to attend all meetings or give notification of not attending.


Director training is primarily delivered through the Board 360 and CCUA Campus platforms using a combination of self-paced online courses, live webinars, and classroom training. It is desirable that all Board members complete the 30+ online courses offered by Board 360 as soon as possible; this course library was designed with the assistance of experts in fields such as risk management, employment law, financial regulations, and leadership. In addition, directors must participate in a number of webinars or classroom training throughout the year.


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