Credit Union Member Card


With their Credit Union MEMBER CARD® debit card, Me-Dian members have access to an ever-expanding credit union ATM network.

Fast and convenient access to your accounts and funds

Whether withdrawing funds from one of the more than 200 credit union ATMs in Manitoba - or from one of the thousands in the rest of Canada - members have fast, convenient access to their accounts and funds. And, through Interac, Cirrus, Maestro and other networks, members can access their Me-Dian Credit Union funds from ATMs throughout the United States and around the world (most non-credit union ATMs will charge a fee).

The Me-Dian Credit Union MEMBER CARD® isn't just for ATMs - it's also accepted for Interac Direct Payment (also known as debit payment) at just about every retailer in Canada. Now that's convenient!

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