For one to Love and accept themselves is to live at peace with the Creator and in harmony with all of creation. Love knows no bounds; we must accept it sincerely and give it freely.

- The Sacred Teaching of Love

About Me-Dian Credit Union

Me-Dian Credit Union is the first Indigenous full-service financial institution to be founded in Canada. As a co-operative, the people who use our services-our members are also owners and shareholders. Members have a say in how Me-Dian Credit Union operates. They also share in the profits of the credit union, usually in the form of lower rates on loans and higher rates on deposits than they could ordinarily get at any other financial institutions. Me-Dian Credit Union is responsive to the needs of members, no matter where they live or how they choose to access our services.

The staff of Me-Dian Credit Union are more than employees, we are family and as family we take our role very seriously. We provide our members a level of service that is above and beyond that of any credit union, to us you are not just a member you are family. It's what sets Me-Dian Credit Union apart from most other financial institutions. We know you by name.

Me-Dian Credit Union members can use their Credit Union MEMBER CARD debit card to make deposits and withdraw cash at ANY credit union ATM in Manitoba (there are more than 200) or Canada (there are thousands more).

At Me-Dian Credit Union, we know how important it is that you feel secure with your funds, that is why all deposits are guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

For more information please visit their website at Deposit Guarantee.


Over forty years ago, Me-Dian was founded as the Métis Credit Union of Manitoba; a "closed bond" credit union. Members of closed bond credit unions share a distinct association based on religion, profession, culture or some other criteria, and nearly every credit union in the province has been closed bond at one time or another.

The driving force behind the founding of the credit union was the Manitoba Métis Federation and its members, but the credit union later changed its name to the Me-Dian Credit Union of Manitoba when the board opened up the bond of association to include the entire Indigenous population - First Nations and Inuit along with Métis.

In 2009, Me-Dian Credit Union opened its doors even wider, welcoming those who are not of Indigenous heritage as associate members of the credit union. To this day, Me-Dian Credit Union serves all Manitobans in the spirit of reconciliation.

Our members come from all corners of Manitoba, urban and rural. We lead the credit union community with many innovative products and services that consider the diverse geographic demographics of our membership.