We must remember to listen and use the wisdom that has been provided by our Elders, Tribal leadership and our Spiritual leaders. We must also always remember that Wisdom comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and ages.

- The Sacred Teaching of Wisdom

Learn to Budget

Getting started with your budgeting may seem overwhelming, but Me-Dian Credit Union is here to walk you through this journey every step of the way. Whether your goal is purchasing a vehicle, buying a house, saving for retirement or something else entirely we are here to help you get there with guidance and support.

Creating a plan does not have to be challenging. Me-Dian Credit Union will give you the tools to help you budget, avoid common mistakes and ensure that your budget plan is right for you!

No Matter what your situation, past or present, we are here to give you the tools and advice to build your future.

Before creating a budgeting plan, it is important to define your goals. Some common reasons to create a plan include:

  • Breaking the paycheck - to - paycheck cycle.
  • Getting out of uncontrollable debt.
  • Finding ways to save more money or to start saving.
  • Staying on track with long term financial goals.

Financial Literacy Booklet

Download and follow our free Fresh Start Financial Literacy Booklet for helpful steps and tips in creating a budget, saving money, and improving your credit.



At Me-Dian Credit Union we understand that sometimes life just gets too complicated, especially finance. Our suite of calculators will help you make things simpler, help you budget, and help you decide what is the right loan for you. Given them a try today and then let us take it from there!

Try it!