We honour our families and others, as well as ourselves. We are not to bring harm to anyone or anything. Respect is not just an action, but a heart-grown feeling.

- The Sacred Teaching of Respect

Consumer Loans

Whatever you're borrowing for - whether it's your next big dream, the unexpected roof leak, a car repair bill or to make managing your debt simpler - we have the options you need.

As a credit union, we'll get to know you, your financial situation and your needs before ever recommending you a product. Count on us to put you first. Every time.

  • Competitive loan rates
  • No personal loan application fee
  • Vehicle purchase or repairs, consolidation or home renovations
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Flexible repayment terms to fit your budget
  • Preferred rates on loans secured by credit union deposits
  • Life insurance, critical illness and disability insurance available

* A minimum of $1000 credit request is required

Lines of Credit

Easy access to money when you really need it: emergencies, home appliance replacement, unexpected travel costs to name a few examples of what everyday life can bring us. Let us help you be prepared with a Me-Dian Line of Credit.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Pay interest only on the amount of credit used
  • No minimum monthly administration fee
  • Monthly statement available
  • Life, critical illness and disability coverage available

* A minimum of $1000 credit request is required

Fresh Start Loans

The Fresh Start Loan Program is for members who may have collections or derogatory items within their credit bureau history. The program allows the member to restore and renew their credit profile so that they can qualify to borrow again in the future. The Fresh Start Loan consolidates the member’s debts and provides a reasonable and achievable payment plan. Through the successful use of this program, credit improvement can be seen by the member in as little as six months.

Credit Savings Plan

Building a credit history can seem like a daunting task for some members. With the Credit Savings Plan, members can begin to shape their credit history by providing loans of up to $5,000 with a reasonable and achievable payment plan. The loan is reported back to the Credit Bureau in order to improve the member’s credit rating.

Residential Mortgages

Whether you've set a goal to purchase your first home or have outgrown an existing one, Me-Dian can assist you with a Mortgage that fits your lifestyle and budget. We'll make the process easy and comfortable as possible by providing our expert advice, flexible options and competitive mortgage rates. Home ownership can be a big step and let us be right there with you, every step of the way!

  • Competitive 1 to 5 year fixed term rates
  • Approved lender with the Canada Mortgage Housing and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
  • Flexible repayment options and amortization periods available
  • Owner occupied, cottage and revenue property mortgages
  • Life, Critical Illness, Disability and loss of employment coverage available

Current Mortgage Rates

Financial Tools and Calculators

Download the Fresh Start Financial Literacy Booklet


Easy Access to our full suite of financial calculators to make sure your goals align with your budget. Estimate your loan or mortgage payments to get the best payment options tailored for you. Figure out your interest costs with different terms and rates to make smart financial decisions and help you pay your debt quicker.

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